Movement that inspires
the Adria region

Since its inception in 1944, Kia has been instrumental in building and developing the automotive industry in Korea. Today Kia stands proudly, together with its sister brand Hyundai, as the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world, a recognized leader in value, quality and invention worldwide.

In 2021 Kia revealed its new global brand slogan “Movement that inspires”, conveying Kia’s commitment to bring moments of inspiration to its millions of customers and more than 40.000 employees.

Since 1993, Kia Adria Group (KMAG) has been leading into continuously expanding and developing the Adria region automotive market with a genuine approach to enthuse our clients through sincere care and attention to their individual needs and requirements.

And just as Kia is breaking new ground in the field of mobility, effectively adapting to the new transportation needs for tomorrows users, KMAG continues to be the territory’s foremost innovative company toward bringing Kia’s creative visions and inspiring spirits to the Adria region.


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